JAN 2016

The Presient of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee hosted lunch for 100 Women Achievers in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

presdient house 4-min
SEPT 2017

6th BIRAC meet Inaugurated by Dr. Harsh Vardhan in New Delhi.

MARCH 2017

AUG 2016

Global Healthcare companies seek to bet on Indian Startups for fresh start.

Hyderabad-based xBITS, founded by BITS Pilani Hyderabad professor Suman Kapur in 2014, intends to explore similar partnerships with multinationals in the next three years to enter international markets with RightBiotic, a lowcost portable device currently approved for rapid urine culture testing in four hours. According to Kapur, it can also ascertain which antibiotics need to be administered and would be a relevant solution to growing resistance to this family of drugs. Work is also underway to enable Right-Biotic to diagnose bacterial infection in any biological fluid in the same time frame, she added. At the same time, many Indian startups say a paucity of capital support makes it difficult to reach a stage where they could interest global firms with their innovation.

DEC 2016

SLUSH 2016

DEC 2015

Two Winning Innovations.

JUNE 2015

xBITS - Runnerup of competition sponsored by Unitus, PATH, Pfizer and many more

JULY 2015

Fastest Antibiotic Finder developed.

JULY 2014


Scientist at BITS Pilani develops device to test antibiotic sensitivity.

JUNE 2014

THE HINDU, Hyderabad

Low Cost device developed to test Antibiotic sensitivity in less time.

MAY 2016

YOUR STORY- DR. Suman Kapur

The mastermind who invented the cheapest and fastest device for determining your resistance to antibiotics, almost didn’t get to pursue higher studies.

OCT 2017

Faster, Cheaper Urinary  Tract Infection Test.

MAY 2017

Following your passion can give you pursuit of happiness.

FEB 2017

'Viral' message on Paracetamol a hoax.

“If the message were true, there would have been outbreak in India of a massive scale given the paracetamol consumption here,” said Suman Kapur, professor at BITS Pilani’s Hyderabad campus. The hoax message has been doing the rounds for at least two weeks now. It was widely circulated in Indonesia, where the health authorities had to intervene to quash the rumour. Though Dr. Kapur says viruses can survive on tablets, it is a question how they can get into a production facility. Clinical experts say viruses often do not survive long enough to cause illness. “A virus needs a host to survive and multiply. Many of them do not survive for long outside their native host,” said infectious disease specialist Suneetha Nareddy.

JAN 2016

Quicker UTI Tests, Thanks to BITS research.

RightBiotic, an innovation by BITS Hyderabad research fellows Shivani Gupta and Anuradha Pal under the mentorship of Dr Suman Kapur, senior professor, department of biological sciences, BITS Pilani, can now enable faster and better treatment of urinary tract infection (UTI). It reduces testing time of urine culture from 72 hours to four hours, thus ensuring “right antibiotic” administration from the very beginning of the treatment. “This semi-automated test will help a doctor assess whether the disease is of bacterial origin in a short span of time compared to the current testing time. It also helps the doctor administer the appropriate antibiotic in case of an infection,” says Shivani Gupta.

JAN 2017

FDA Roadblock to city startup's innovation.

DEC 2015

TiE Hyderbad pitches wellness startups for TISC hyderabad.

JULY 2014

The Times of India, Hyderabad

Innovation Corner-The Fastest Antibiotic Finder.

JULY 2014

BITS Pilani Hyderabad develops antibiotic finder.

BITS Pilani-Hyderabad has developed a new low-cost, ultra-rapid portable device to test antibiotic sensitivity of human urinary pathogens which can help curb antibiotic resistance to a large extent. The institute Tuesday announced that it is transferring the technology to an incubate company Xcellence in Bio Innovation and Technologies Pvt Ltd (xBITS) for commercial scale production. An agreement has been signed by V.S Rao, director, BITS Pilani with the representative from of xBITS in the presence of Suman Kapur who is the inventor of this technology, said a statement from BITS Pilani.

JULY 2017


BITS Prof. develops device to test antibiotic resistance.