xBITS is a young company led by an energetic team of highly motivated academicians, science graduates, engineers and managers committed to provide equal access to reliable healthcare for all including rural, remote and hard-to-reach populations at affordable cost with the help of ingenious use of technology. “RightBiotic, The Fastest Antibiotic Finder” the signature product of xBITS, is a POC device for testing antibiotic sensitivity of pathogens causing Urinary Tract Infection is. While the standard UTI culture and sensitivity test takes between 48-72 hours, RightBiotic provides ready to use sensitivity report in < 4 hours. Other POC products under development are RightGlucose, a test for blood glucose at < 8pence (Rs 5/-) per test and RightCardio a test for complete lipid profile at <3$ (Rs 190/) per test.



RightBiotic is a portable and affordable system which provides a bacterial culture report in just 4 hours as opposed to ~4days. The report consists of both the identification and AST (Antibiotic Susceptibility Test) results. The system comes with a well-designed kit to be used with the biological sample. The kit contains media vial with proprietary media for accelerated bacterial growth and prefunctionalized strips with a panel of 42 (6x7) antibiotics. RightBiotic platform is suitable for rapid bacterial culture and AST testing from Urine, Swab, Pus, CSF, Ascitic Fluid, Peritoneal Fluid, Blood and Sputum.

It is:

1. Space-saving, semi-automated and efficient.

2. Works with inbuilt software that evolves with microbiology needs.

3. Reduces hands-on time for enhanced workflow and rapid reporting.

The RightBiotic system has everything a healthcare laboratories need for fast, accurate bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing.

1. This innovative technology requires minimal training time.

2. The rapid response time means results can be provided more quickly than with manual microbial identification techniques.

3. Data portability through USB and/or wireless module.


Healthcare impact:

Availability of this technology enables evidence-based prescription leading to faster relief to the patient with no subsequent change in the prescribed antibiotic. It will completely obliterate the need for empirical treatment in case of infectious diseases and lead to specific, early, and most appropriate treatment. This will significantly reduce the incidence of emerging antimicrobial resistance which is largely an outcome of empirical prescriptions.

Social impact:

Faster recovery from diseased state and better access to healthcare leading to physical and emotional well being of the patient and family. Reduced procedure time decreases work load and burden on healthcare providers.


RightBiotic uses a combination of colorimetry and nephlometry and biochemistry based identification technology that enables identification of routine clinical isolates. The system includes an inbuilt software that detects phenotypes for most organisms found in urine. This helps optimize laboratory efficiency for lean laboratory management. It allows Bacterial Identification (ID), Antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) and rapid results enabling clinicians to discontinue empirical therapy and prescribe targeted therapy, resulting in improved patient outcomes and enhanced antibiotic stewardship.

The RightBiotic system allows:

1. Gram negative bacterial identification.

2. Gram positive bacterial identification.

3. Resistance detection by phenotype identification.

4. Reduces time to microbial identification & antibiotic susceptibility testing results.

5. Reduces waste by >90% over other conventional methods.

6. Meet the needs of any size laboratory.


1. RightBiotic system is semi-automated so the chances of error are minimized.

2. RightBiotic assay is easy to perform and can be performed by a semi-skilled person.

3. Conventional method requires human intervention at each step viz., media selection, setting of antibiotic discs in the plate, zone measurement, identification or preparation of report.

4. It has been observed that due to financial consideration, very often, labs do not worry about crowding of antibiotic discs and even use of media for growing bacteria present in the sample.

5. RightBiotic is a low cost machine that can run on battery backups. Machine can store data upto 5000 samples which can be reprinted from memory and transferred to external storage device. Machine carries warranty of 3 years or 8000 tests whichever is earlier.

6. The kit has to be stored at 4°C and has a warranty period of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

7. Modular availability of antibiotic sets provides testing flexibility and eliminates unnecessary testing.